The Best Play School Curriculum in India

Kids are the bundles of joy they are like molding clay that can be easily shaped into what we expect them to become. Nowadays competitions are more, so it becomes our responsibility to groom them in a manner that helps in facing the challenges that pop up in their life. Play School curriculum plays a major role in the overall development of the toddlers. Play Schools is a first step a toddler takes towards, not only a better future, but they also learn the art of handling their emotions, becomes more creative and expressive as well.

The curriculum of the Play School is a very important part of the learning process in an early age because as per the doctors by the age of 5 years, 90% of the brain is developed. So for shaping the future of the child in a positive manner a good play school curriculum is important as well, so that by the time kid enters the Pre School he has the understanding of things that will be added to their syllabus. Healthy growth and development of a toddler is possible with natural learning techniques. Every child is unique and thus their learning pace varies from the other, so it is important that the every child is taught in their own individual pace. You can notice positive changes and development in a kid, when the Play School curriculum includes important aspects that deal positively with Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Social.

They must also equally comprises of Creative Development, Social Development, Refinement of the Senses, Personality Development, Understanding Life, Care of Self and Environment along with the gross motor development. All these activities encourage kids to experiment, discover, reason, solve problems, interact, express and apply simple logics on the basis of what they understand and learn with us. For an ideal learning environment Play Schools must come up with a curriculum that is fun, attractive and entertaining at the same time.

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